Our Cats


DOB: Jan. 30, 2020

Tuna is a blue-golden shaded boy. He was our very first baby. We named him Tuna based on hope for him to be large, compact, and powerful. As a muscular boy, he reached 7 lbs when he was 5-month old. He has a short and dense coat. His muzzle is so heavy that it forms another round circle on his chubby face.

He has such an endearing personality. He will run towards you, and roll over your feet as soon as he sees you. He’s highly playful and “adorkable.” Always enjoys chasing teasers and loves to stand erect like a kangaroo. He’s so clever that he answers every call (when he’s happy, cats… sigh). Sometimes he imitates our tones and expressions like a parrot!

Tuna’s father is an International Champion (ICH) of The World Cat Federation. We believe this world-famous Sun&Snow direct bloodline will make him competitive to any show events!

DOB: Sept. 8, 2020


DOB: Mar. 10, 2020

DOB: Jul. 19, 2020

Rowan is our sweetheart! She’s a true British lady with proper etiquette. Always quiet but still desires people’s attention. Being demure and sweet, she likes to rub against your knee and legs. When we play laser pointer with her, she is brisk and loves to chase after it to every corner of the room.

She has a very compact body with short and strong legs. With those large and well-opened eyes, you can clearly feel her affection and healing power for humans when she’s staring at you.

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