Before Making a Purchase

Are your cats healthy?
Yes, we take them to the vets regularly to do physical exams. We’ve also done tests to make sure all of our breeders are healthy and don’t have genetic disorders. Click here to view their test reports.

How much are the kittens?
Price of each kitten will be determined based on their quality when they are 5-8 weeks old. We use the BSH standards from TICA to assess their quality*.
—-Pet quality: $2,000 to $3,000;
——-• With penalization
—-Breeding quality: $3,000 to $4,000;
——-• With no obvious penalization
—-Show quality: $4,000 and up.
——-• Has one or more outstanding traits and no obvious penalization
*We don’t sell kittens with breeding rights. All our kittens will be spayed/neutered before going to new homes.

What does this price include?
– A kitten and the daily costs before he/she leaves TunaBelly
– FVRCP and Rabies vaccines
– Neutering/Spaying
– Deworming
– A breeder slip for pedigree registration**
– Food for diet transition
– Adoption Contract
– Lifetime feeding and care guidance
**Therefore, the cat could be registered under the owner’s name.

How to adopt a kitten?
Waitlist Applicants:
Applicants on the waitlist will have the right to choose kittens first. The sequence of choosing kittens is based on the time of receiving the deposit.
Non-waitlist Applicants:
After all the waitlist applicants have chosen their babies, we will release the information of other available kittens on our website and social media. Please stay tuned on Instagram to get the latest news about available kittens.

How to be added to the waitlist?
There is a deposit of $500.00 if you want to be added to the waitlist. We decide the sequence of choosing kittens according to the time of receiving the deposit. When you decide to adopt a kitten, please fill out this “Self-introduction Form” and contact us.

Is there a deposit fee and is it refundable?
There is a deposit fee of $500.00 USD. It is used to reserve and hold your kitten for you. Unless there is a fault on my end (i.e. selected kitten sick or died before leaving TunaBelly), the deposit fee is not refundable because I reserved the kitten of your choice for you and thus lost the chance to offer the kitten to another buyer or kept showing him/her as available on my website/social media.

What if I didn’t find a kitten I like in a litter? Will the deposit expire?
No, the deposit will never expire. It can still be used for future litters.

What payment methods do you accept?
We take Venmo, ZellePay and GooglePay.

When do I get the adoption contract?
After you pick your dream kitten and pay 50% of the price (deposit included), we will sign a legal adoption contract with you.
1. TunaBelly sends the buyer an e-copy of the contract to check if there’s any problem or anything needs to be added;
2. The buyer sends the contract with both sides’ signatures back to TunaBelly for documentation.

Can I come to see your cats in person?
We’re a closed cattery. We don’t let our cats expose to other cats or people who may have contact with other cats. We do this to keep our furbabies at the healthiest and prevent them from being infected by possible viruses. As a multi-cat household, reducing the foot traffic in our house allows us to drastically decrease the chance of contamination and illness. Hope you can understand 😉 We would be happy to send you videos of our cats.


Do you ship kittens either locally or overseas?
As of right now we do not ship my kittens either within the United States or internationally. 

Do you drive to deliver kittens or meet half-way for a fee?
We do not offer services to drive the kitten to your destination or to meet with you half-way. I want my new mommies or daddies to come to my home to meet their new fur baby. This way the baby can become familiar with their smells and voices before whisking them away. 
Change after COVID-19:
To keep my family members safe during this pandemic, we no longer let pawrents pick kittens up at my home. We will meet pawrents at a public parking lot (e.g. Petco’s) to deliver the kitten.

After Making a Purchase

Do you provide updates before they go to new homes?
Yes, we send updates including pictures and videos every 2 weeks.

When will the kittens be ready to go to a new home? What if I’m not ready by then?
Generally, our kittens will be available after they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered (about 16-20 weeks). Once they are reserved, we’ll be keeping you updated with pictures and videos till they are ready to go.
We can hold your kitten for another two weeks after they are ready for a new home, but it will become available to others exceeding the 2-week grace period.

What’s your health guarantee?
Cats are very sensitive to the change of their surroundings, and their immune systems can be compromised during the transition period. Once they appear to have stress response or discomfort, please let me know immediately and I’ll provide solutions in time.
Inherited Disorders (PKD, PRA-pd):
Yes, we have limited lifetime guarantee for these inherited disorders. All our bloodlines have been tested and are clear for PKD and PRA-pd. However, if any kitten is proved to have these disorders by a licensed vet, we will compensate the buyer a free kitten at the same level of quality.
Other Inherited Disorders (e.g. HCM):
HCM can only be tested in Maine Coons and Ragdolls. Currently there is no genetic test for HCM in BSHs. For inherited disorders can’t be tested, like HCM, we promise to compensate a free kitten at the same level of quality if the previous kitten develops clinical signs of these disorders within 2 years old.
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP):
We haven’t had cats or kittens with FIP in our cattery before. The induction mechanism of FIP is complicated and the current medical procedures are unable to determine who should be responsible for the induction. Therefore, we promise that buyers can buy another kitten half-price if the previous kitten passes away within 6 months after leaving TunaBelly.
**As diagnosing FIP can be challenging and there’s a high rate of misdiagnosis, buyers need to provide the autopsy report to ensure death was caused by FIP.
Other Diseases:
We guarantee the kitten to be healthy at the time of leaving TunaBelly for 72 hours.

Daily Care

What kinds of food do you feed your cats?
For our kings and queens, we are providing Fromm Surf & Turf Dry Cat Food, Feline Natural Canned Cat Food series, cooked beef, chicken liver, or egg yolk to ensure their health and the coat in excellent quality.
For new born kittens, we may feed with goat milk and colostrum supplements to boost their immunity. As they grow older (8 weeks or older), we’ll gradually shift to dry food.
For new mommies and new daddies, we’ll provide a spare bag of dry food for diet transition.

What kinds of cat litter do you use? What are the differences?
There are many types of cat litters currently in the market. Amongst the most popular ones are clay (non-clumping), clumping litter, wood/pine, and crystals. We do recommend cat litters with low dust, making it is easier to clean, and unscented cat litters are generally more welcomed by cats.

Which deworming medicine do you use? How often?
We use Revolution Plus Topical Solution for our cats every month. We start to treat our kittens after they’re 8-12 weeks, based on their weight. Revolution can protect them against fleas, ticks, heartworm, hookworms, roundworms and ear mites. We’ve also tried Frontline and some other products before, but Revolution turned out best. We recommend our new mommies/daddies keep treating the babies every month when they get to their new home for prevention.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten to anyone whom I deem unable to care for my precious baby or provide a loving home.

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