Hi cat lovers!

My name is Dora and I work as a Mechanical Engineer. During the most time of a day, all I work with are numbers and drafting paper, which can be tedious. But when I return home and am welcomed by my cats (well, mostly because they are meowing for food…), I find myself reenergized and lighthearted. So instead of dragging my feet to work all the time, my wife and I decided to do something we have passion for, that is, making a home sweet home for our fluffy friends.

Our cattery is specialized in breeding British Shorthairs, and is based in a quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA. We enjoy raising kittens and especially love the chubby cheeks that our babies have. Our cats are from top European bloodlines and have excellent qualities for both breeding and show. Our mission is to create a clean and caring environment for our cats and produce lovely and healthy kittens in show/pet quality.

In the meantime, we grow with the experience we continue to gain. We’ll be constantly working on improving our breeding qualities (face type, coat, body structure, etc). Most importantly, we do not tolerate inbreeding under any circumstances, since that may produce kittens with depressed immune systems and other underlying health issues.

For further details about our breeding cats and new litters, please visit “Our Cats” and “Available Kittens”. We have also included an F&Q page for everything you need to know about your purrfect friend!

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